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The Pili Nut Farm – Philagrivest, Inc

Monthly Farm Manager Report

by: Jerry M. Navarro

Philagrivest Irrigation-00

Irrigation/Fire Mitigation – The newly installed High-Pressure Water Pump is now operational. This will provide additional water supply for the farm during hot weather. The pump supplies water to the Farm’s new Concrete Water Tank located at the upper most part of the farm. From there water will be driven by gravity to a supply line which terminates to water hydrant type outlets. (This concrete Water Tank is in its final construction phase. Due to strong winds, heavy rains and typhoons, construction was slowed.)

This Supply line runs at the ridges of the farm. It will serve two purposes, for irrigation and to supply fire hydrants during grassfires. A fire-hose can be placed on several points along the Line.


Salad Tomato – The Farm’s Salad Tomato production resumes in October and harvest is expected by Late November or Early December.

A panel of the greenhouse roof was damaged during one of the recent Typhoons and repairs are being done. (Replacement Roofing Materials are en route as of this writing.)

Sanitation and planting preparations have been completed. All previously used beds and planting media are replaced. Irrigation hose/Drip lines have been flushed and sanitized. It is anticipated that these extra steps and measures have eradicated the Bacterial Wilt that plagued the Greenhouse in prior croppings.


Pili / Garden – Transplanting of the remaining Grafted Pili Seedlings continues in and around the Garden. Transplanting areas are focused on the low areas and areas where shrubs and trees are abundant. These areas offer good protection for the newly planted Pili Seedlings.

Significant number of the Old Pili Trees have started fruiting and identification of female trees continues.

Veggie planting has also resumed as preparation for the Farm’s Agri-Tourism plan, Veggie Planting will be patterned after the Folk Song “ Bahay Kubo”. The centerpiece of the vegetable garden will be a native hut and around it different vegetable and fruit trees will be planted.

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