About Tablas

About Tablas


Tablas Island is the Philippines’ tropical paradise location which is rapidly becoming the place where great things happen. Located in Romblon province, just 10 kilometers from Boracay, for a long time Tablas was a sleepy island, often bypassed destination for tourists. In a sense, it was the “best kept secret of the Philippines”.

Now, Tablas is opening up to the world. The Tablas airport is serviced by daily flights from Manila, and plans call for its expansion starting early 2014. The island has network of roads and bridges of top caliber, with ongoing aggressive road building to prepare for the anticipated future growth. Tablas is a “sleeper” in the Visayas, east of Mindoro, west of Samar and Leyte, and north of Cebu – only a 35 minute flight from Manila!

The Philippines has a lot to offer. It is not only home to some of the most exceptional natural wonders of the world, but also to an endless number of tropical beaches on its 7,107 magical islands.

When it comes to knowing about those especially beautiful “gems” of island living for which the Philippines is famous, Tablas Island is the best kept secret in the Philippines.



For a long time, Tablas has been a sleepy, often bypassed destination for tourists.

Comprised of undiscovered yet pristine white sand beaches, it is located in the central part of the Philippines, east of Mindoro Occidental, west of Samar, and just 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Boracay. Travelers seeking to escape the cabin fever, or the incessant noise and crowds of Boracay, are well positioned to explore Tablas Island.

Tourism on Tablas is just in the infant stage of development – which spells “abundant opportunity”

The current population is approximately 160,000 and the largest populated city on the island is Odiongan on the west coast (nearby Sunset Beach Villas). There are 45,000 people residing in Odiongan.

Tablas island, with the quiet, beautiful, and serene isolation gives you an incurable urge to stay forever . . .

Where there was once an under serviced airport and broken, dilapidated roads and bridges, the past couple of years have seen traffic at the Tablas airport increase from one a week, to one direct flight to and from Manila daily, and the island’s network of roads and bridges have been replaced by the use of first tier construction by Korean contractors (the best road building contractors operating in the Philippines).

During this same period, tourist traffic on Boracay has skyrocketed, now exceeding 1 million per year and real estate prices on Boracay have gone through the roof. Ocean front land on the island of Boracay now sells for upwards of $2,400 per sq meter (if you can find any for sale). Yes, Boracay is an exciting, 24-hour karaoke, bar and restaurant “cool” place to be and to be seen (especially by the young). However, does it offer a quiet, idyllic retirement spot within your budget? Absolutely not!

Tablas is one of the Philippine’s last remaining tranquil island locales. But now, this once sleepy backwater has awakened. Planned and ongoing investment and residential projects for foreign tourists and retirees.

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  • Golf course
  • Upscale hillside country style villa project
  • Tablas Highlands Organic Farm
  • Marina
  • Forest trekking
  • Airport
  • Caving
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Private hospitals
  • Island hopping
  • Yacht/boating
  • Extreme sports fun center
  • Jet skiing
  • Marine refuge & sanctuaries

Aside from all these exciting activities of Tablas Island, what else makes it such an attractive location for a retirement community?

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  • No traffic
  • Newly built concrete road network throughout the island
  • No industry, so no pollution
  • Very low crime rate
  • Very friendly and accommodating locals
  • Unlimited access to first class seafood
  • Many nearby islands – perfect for island hopping
  • Just 40 minutes by speedboat to world famous Boracay
  • Unspoiled beaches and oceans
  • True serenity, natural beauty, and quiet relaxation
  • Fishing
  • Long term business opportunities
  • Organic food from Tablas Highlands Organic Farm
  • Wildlife watching – turtles, dolphins, whales, eagles, monkeys, etc.
  • University of Eastern Philippines – 10,000 students
  • Fresh seafood daily