Vermiculture – (from Latin word vermis, meaning worm) is the intentional rearing of earthworms to produce more earthworms. It involves the mass production of certain species of this annelid worm by providing them appropriate food and optimum conditions for their growth and reproduction. 

Vermicomposting– it is the non-thermophilic process by which organic materials are converted by earthworms and microorganisms into rich soil amendments with greatly increased microbial activity and nutrient availability.

African Night Crawlers – The African night crawler (ANC), known scientifically as Eudrilus eugeniae, is considered as the most efficient epigeic or composting earthworm in the tropics (Guerrero 2009).

The farm at present produces about 30 sacks of Vermi-compost/ Vermi-cast from its 6 compartment Vermiculture Shed per month.

Philagrivest Vermiculture

This nutrient rich combination of Organic Material and Worm Casting is used extensively at the Farm’s Cash Crop Production.

The farm also produces Vermi-Tea or Worm-Tea. Worm Tea contains 77 trace elements that nourish and build the plants immune system. Its high microbial count combats scale, mites, aphids, fungus, mealy bugs, black spot on roses, Thrips to name a few.

The Farm started its Vermiculture / Vermicomposting production in 2011 with a handful of African Night Crawlers.

This is in line with the Farm’s Organic Farming Plan.


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